About e-Pack™


The days of waiting to buy and open packs are officially over. Upper Deck’s patent-pending e-Pack™platform lets you instantly purchase, open, and trade cards and collectibles like never before. Easily manage, view, and store your collection online, or choose to have eligible items shipped directly to you at any time.

Upper Deck e-Pack® offers products for every level of collector, including officially licensed products from hockey, basketball, and eSports leagues, as well as the top entertainment franchises. Find products featuring authentic autographs from legends in the sports and entertainment world.

Collectors that are part of the e-Pack™ global community can connect through secure trades, the e-Pack™ forum, private messaging, or through Pack Wars challenges. Collectors can also earn exclusive digital and physical achievements by completing specific sets.

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Open Packs from Anywhere, at Any Time
  • Upper Deck e-Pack® allows you to instantly buy, open, and collect from anywhere at any time.
Keep Your Collection at Your Fingertips
  • Store, organize, and view your entire collection online. All items on Upper Deck e-Pack® are stored safely and securely. Easily sort your entire collection with the click of a button and browse through an assortment of collectibles – from trading cards to precious metal coins and signed memorabilia - all in one place.
Open a Free Pack Everyday
  • Registered users can open a free pack of trading cards every day, just for logging on.
Exclusive Avatars
  • Complete sets to earn exclusive avatars that span Upper Deck e-Pack’s® entire product portfolio.
Weekly Packs
  • Find a wide variety of weekly trading card packs available for a limited time each week. Earn exclusive achievement cards by collecting entire sets of weekly pack cards.
Pack Wars
  • Specially marked ‘Pack Wars’ packs give you an opportunity to challenge other collectors to a Pack Wars battle and earn amazing prize cards. Top winners can earn a spot at the top of the leaderboards and earn exclusive prizes each week.
  • Get rewarded for completing specific sets and earn exclusive items available only through e-Pack™.
Trade with Collectors Around the World *
  • Create trades in real time with an expansive group of collectors from around the globe. All trades made via the e-Pack™ site are sent securely and instantaneously.
Join the Community
  • Engage with a large community of collectors on e-Pack™ through sports and entertainment chat rooms or send a message directly via the message center. Add items to your ‘Wish List’ so others can help you complete your collection, or find collectors interested in your items with the ‘Reverse Wish List’ tool.
Have Items Shipped to You
  • Have a physical e-Pack™ item that you want shipped to you? Simply choose the applicable items you would like to have shipped to you from your collection and then select your preferred shipping method. Your item(s) will be securely packaged and shipped directly to the address provided.
Transfer to COMC
  • If you have a ‘COMC’ (“Check Out My Cards”) account, you will be able to link your COMC and e-Pack™ accounts. Linked accounts allow users to easily transfer eligible physical items to COMC. Click here for more information about COMC.