About Upper Deck e-Pack™

Upper Deck e-Pack™ is a new way to buy and collect Upper Deck trading cards. On Upper Deck e-Pack, you can purchase and open packs, view and store your collection digitally, and have the option to have physical cards shipped to you at any time. Upper Deck e-Pack was created as a way to provide fans with the best collecting experience yet!

Open packs anytime you want

The days of waiting to get and open your packs are gone. Just sign in, buy packs, open them online, and find out instantly what cards are inside.

Your collection is at your fingertips

Store and view your entire collection online. Just sign in to your Upper Deck e-Pack account to view your collection of Upper Deck trading cards from anywhere in the world.

Have physical cards shipped anytime you want

Submit a physical card option order and the cards will be shipped to you.

Have your cards transferred to a COMC account

You can link a “Check Out My Cards” account to Upper Deck e-Pack and transfer physical cards to COMC. Once transferred to COMC, you can have the cards shipped, or sell them on the COMC marketplace.