2022 UD Superstars

2022 UD Superstars

Card #48 (Jacob Gonzalez) $5.99
Card #48 (Jacob Gonzalez) $5.99


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2022 UD Superstars has arrived exclusively on Upper Deck e-Pack® as an all-new weekly pack product. Every Friday, a new card will be released featuring a standout athlete on a design that honors the original UD Superstars set released 20 years ago. Each UD Superstars card will only be available for one week before it is gone from the store forever. Collect the entire Base Set to earn an exclusive Monumental Moments achievement set! Pick up a pack today and add a superstar to your collection.


How e-Pack UD Superstars purchases work:

1. Purchase a UD Superstars Pack

2. Head to the Open My Packs page and open your UD Superstars Pack

3. The card(s) from the UD Superstars Pack will be added to your Upper Deck e-Pack collection

4. In your e-Pack Settings, you can elect to receive an email once the physical card in the UD Superstars Pack becomes available for shipment (approximately 8-12 weeks)

For more information on how to ship physical cards from e-Pack, visit the Tutorials page