2023 USFL Season Preview

2023 USFL Season Preview

PACK $9.99
PACK $9.99


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The first-ever licensed Upper Deck USFL product has crossed the goal line with the release of 2023 USFL Preview on Upper Deck e-Pack®! Get ready for the 2023 USFL season with the 16-card Base Set featuring some of the standout players in the league. In addition to two physical Base Set cards, each pack will contain either a Gold parallel (#'d to 239) or Patriotic parallel (#'d to 76). Break the huddle and add a 2023 USFL Preview pack to your collection today!

How e-Pack 2023 USFL Preview pack purchases work:

1. Purchase a 2023 USFL Preview pack

2. Head to the Open My Packs page and open your 2023 USFL Preview pack

3. The cards from your 2023 USFL Preview pack will be added to your Upper Deck e-Pack® collection

4. In your e-Pack Settings, you can elect to receive an email once the physical cards in the 2023 USFL Preview pack become available for shipment (approximately 8-12 weeks)

For more information on how to ship physical cards from e-Pack, visit the Tutorials page