2024 Game Dated Moments

2024 Game Dated Moments

Card #16 (Adrian Martinez) $5.99
Card #15 (Tiger Woods) $5.99
Card #16 (Adrian Martinez) $5.99
Card #15 (Tiger Woods) $5.99


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Card #16 (Adrian Martinez)
(Apr. 13, 2024) - Adrian Martinez Leads Stallions to Spotless 3-0 Record, Passes for 334 Yards
Card #15 (Tiger Woods)
(Apr. 12, 2024) - Tiger Woods Sets Yet Another Record in Augusta, Ga. Makes 24th Consecutive Cut

Game Date Moments® is back on Upper Deck e-Pack®, allowing collectors the exclusive opportunity to collect cards from top moments in sports throughout 2024. Keep an eye out for Silver and Gold Parallels of each moment that will fall as a bonus card in select packs, as well as rare Photo Variants available for select cards! Check the "Product Odds" page for more details. Game Dated Moments® cards are only available for one week before they are gone from the store forever. Pick up a pack of 2024 Game Dated Moments® and add these memorable moments to your collection!

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